Friday, June 28, 2013

Big Tuna Walk-Through with Kayak Angler, Len Zilkowsky

THANKS Len for this great walk through video of the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna.

Another example of how Nikki Rekman Sales has the best team members EVER!

Please check out Len's blogpost HERE for even more information about the Big Tuna and more.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

and the #winner is...

After countless clinics, over 20 actually and an endless number of kilometers (Winnipeg was my farthest destination to the East, Whitehorse was the farthest to the North and Vancouver Island was the farthest to the West) we have made the draw for the Nikki Rekman Sales 2013 Clinic Paddle Raffle.

Thank you to all who participated in our clinics.  We hope you learned a lot and don't forget we are always available to help you out with questions as are our fantastic customer service folks with all of our premier brands.

I look forward to hearing about your paddle selection LAURA GRANT from Endless Adventure!!!

Please share our facebook page and LIKE us. We sure do appreciate it and we are on twitter too...@nikki_river

P.S. let us know what you would like to see in the raffle for the 2014 season.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adjusting and Installing your Smart Track Rudder on your JK Journey

Great video on how to adjust the Smart Track Rudder on your Jackson Kayak Journey.

During some of my clinics recently folks have asked, "how do I adjust the top part of the pedal to be closer to me?".

If you have additional questions lets us know.

Monday, June 24, 2013

SUP the South Event with Werner Paddles THIS Weekend

Join us and Werner Paddles at the SUP the South event THIS Saturday in beautiful Naramata, BC.  This event is hosted by Werner Paddles dealer, Sun n Sup.

Registration:7:30am - 8:15am at Manitou Park

Start 9 am : 5km Naramata-Summerland-Naramata
Start 2 pm : 10km Downwinder Penticton to Naramata (or reverse depending on the wind).
Werner Paddles will be providing the Board Shuttle.  It will be available for boards starting at 12-1pm.
Category: Competitive and Recreational
Board style: Surfboard style – 12’ & under
Displaced Hull 12’6” & under
Race board 14’
Junior (14-18) Short course only ($10 race)

$39.20 included taxes for both races (register prior to June 29) and $45 included taxes day of race. 
(Please bring exact change day of race.)
Downloadable registration form on the Sun n Sup website or email them.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our team decked out in Werner Paddles gear!!!

So proud to have all of these amazing paddlers and people on our team!!!!
(thanks so much you guys and gals)

Luke Vollmerhaus - all things whitewater and SUP (flatwater/river)!!  Great shot Luke!! photo: Liam Fournier

Laura Demers - whitewater (kayaking/canoeing), SUP (flatwater/river/racing) and kayak fishing!!!

JF Marleau - sea paddler, kayak angler and instructor representing Vancouver Island!

Lina Augaitis and Mike Darbyshire - SUP.  Keep an eye on Lina as she is prepping for the Molokai Crossing and Mike as he tackles not only the competitive racing scene but the river as well.

Lina and Mike - also proud members of the Werner Paddles SUP Team

Eli Fischbuch - SUP (racing and river) and our youngest team member (yes, he got his own hoodie too)

Lina and Mike - love this one!
Kayak Angler - Len Zilkowsky aka The Fish Whisperer

missing:  kayak angler Stephen Laurie

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Help Save Callaghan Creek: Another Canadian Navigable Waterway Under Threat!

I got an email recently from Ryan Bayes, Kokatat Watersports Wear, Jackson Kayak, Seals Sprayskirts and Werner Paddles dealer with Western Canoeing and Kayaking about spreading the word about Callaghan Creek near Whistler, BC.  Looks like another navigable waterway is under threat and we need to get involved as paddlers and avid outdoors people..

Last week we learned that Callaghan Creek (the most classic of classic Whistler Creek runs) has been staked for hydro development by Inergex. The section they would like to de-water is probably the most run class 4/5 piece of whitewater in BC. The local paddlers are very passionate about protecting this creek.

On July 20, 2013 the annual Callaghan Creek Race will be taking place. We feel that making this event a big one could go a long ways towards protecting this river, or should it come to it, help mitigate the impacts. In my dealings with Nav. Waters Canada and the Environmental Assessment Office having a large number of user days (or events) on a  waterway is priceless when it comes time to mitigate.

Here is info on Callaghan Creek:

If you are a paddler please head out to the Callaghan Creek Race on July 20th for some great paddling and offer your support and your voice in protecting it while you are it.

Callaghan Creek

Monday, June 17, 2013

Final trip report by Luke Vollmerhaus about his Classic Alberta Whitewater Trip

Final trip Report

Day 1 and Day 2, 3 and 4 trip reports can be found by clicking on the links.

Well, we ended that with a bang, and a few bumps. To get to Boundary Creek you have to paddle 8 km down the west side of the lake to the American border (hence the creeks name) and hike 3 km up hill through some of the densest bush ever, scouting all the rapids along the way as the canyon is very deep and difficult to scout once on the river. When we finally got to the top of the run sweaty and fly ridden we practically dove into the cold stream. The first couple of drops and a short portage went according to plan and were a blast. Unfortunately the poop hit the spinney thing pretty quick after that. 

There was a series of drops known as Cavity Search that didn’t look like much from atop the cliffs above. They looked considerably larger from the point of view of the troughs of the holes they created. We ran them in a train Liam made it through Zac caught an eddy mid-way and due to a blown boof stroke I got beat in all three holes finally swimming out of the third. I lost my boat and paddle downstream but was throw bagged by Liam from the river side. As he was throw bagging me his boat slid back into the river and went downstream with mine. Now we were in a bit of a pickle: one boat two paddles a camera and in a canyon where hiking a boat out wasn’t an option. So we took the natural course and filmed and set safety for Zac down the rest of the run assuming our boats (which washed downstream far too fast to catch) would make it to the lake. Once at the lake we managed to collect all of our gear minus my prized paddle: a beautiful Sho Gun from Werner. Out came the break down and we paddled back to Waterton. 

As tradition dictated I dutifully accepted a bootie beer and we talked out the situation and other possible ways to have handled it and came to the conclusion that we took the safest most reasonable course of action. Looking back at the trip I give it an A++ only one swim and a couple of beat downs despite some very high class river running. I look very forward to paddling with this crew again ASAP! Keep an eye out for our video edit from Mr. Liam Fournier! It will be sick as his films always are.

Keep a paddle in the water!



Friday, June 14, 2013

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Squamish and Whistler

If you have seen SUPer's aka Stand Up Paddle Boards out on the local lakes and rivers and have always wanted to give it a try...look no further if you are in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Werner Paddles SUP dealer, Escape Route is hosting a couple of demo evenings.

Friday June 21st at Alice Lake - 6:30-8:30pm (Squamish)

Friday June 28th at Rainbow Lake - 6:30-8:30pm (Whistler)

For more information give them a call at any one of their two locations:

Squamish - 604-892-3228 or via email

Whistler -  604-938-3228 or via email

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paddling Adventures Update #2 by team member, Luke Vollmerhaus

Photo: Liam Fournier
Day 2 Report

Just polished off day 2 of our trip, day 1 started and ended with bad weather unfortunately. Had to layer up a lot under our drysuits but the levels were sweet. We got on Beauty Creek in the morning, a lovely class 5 small volume creek just outside of Jasper with some great drops. 

We all ran everything and no carnage occurred so that was definitely a success. We moved on to the Big Horn River. None of us really knew anything about the run so we were a little cautious especially with the recent rain and the take out pumping brown water. Once we were in the canyon we quickly realized that none of the drops looked like the guide books and we must be running it really high. It was definitely a little on the scary side due to the unknown factor of the run at this level but we all made it down safe and sound and decided to run it again this morning. 

Had much better weather today were able to dry our gear and not be soggy any more. After Big Horn in the morning we drove to Johnston's canyon and hiked in. It was definitely on the low side of good but still runnable so we fired it up. The first couple of drops were awesome though Phil’s Folly has a big tree in the center of it. We tried getting it out with ropes but because of its position on the lip and the force that its wedged with we weren’t able to move it. We ended up jumping the cliff next to the falls and tossing our boats down. The rest of the run went easily and we’re staying the night in Canmore looking to hit the Sheep River and Cataract Creek tomorrow! 

Finally an ode to Werner paddles, Liam’s Powerhouse blade cracked earlier in California and has still been hanging on through all of his boating since despite its increased flex.  It will serve as a great wall ornament when it finally bites the dust.



Day 4 report

Yesterday was a little more chill. We ran the Middle Sheep in the morning with a little down river freestyle session on Sheep Falls. Unfortunately Zac broke his backband attempting a switch free wheel sending him back into Calgary in search of a new piece. We had a fun sunny run and met up with Zac mid-day in Longview. We did a quick levels check and decided that Cataract was high but should still be runnable and set off to fire it up. It turned out to be just as high as expected and delivered and amazing run. There’s lots of class 3 read and run in between all of the big drops and all of that just gets faster and better at higher levels. Took a bit of a beat down in the very last hole but clawed my way out just fine. We found a campsite fried up some taquitos (charred to perfection) and got some much needed sleep. 
Photo: Liam Fournier
Today we went to Lundbreck Falls for a park and huck off the right line. It delivered some hard hits but made for a super fun morning. We drove to Pincher Creek and looked at our options. It looked like Drywood Creek was out because of a lot of wood in the canyon so we had to change our plans a little. We decided to go and run Cameron creek which was an absolute blast . Wild Thing has to be one of the best rapids I’ve ever had the chance to paddle, it looks super intimidating but paddles easier than it looks. We’re staying in Waterton for the night in order to give us an easy wake up to get on Waterton lake in the morning and paddle out to Boundary Creek for the final day of our trip. Really looking to polish of the trip with an epic day!



On Monday, we posted Luke's pre-trip report check it out here

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin