Monday, August 26, 2013

Jackson Kayak - Kayak Fishing Outfitting for 2014

Outfitting on the fishing kayaks for 2014 - check out the list below.

Don't forget about our new Cruise 10 and 12 Angler specific models, the SUPerFishal stand up paddle board and the Limited Edition 2014 'Yak Attack' Coosa.

Coosa: Lumbar pad. Add another RAM ball + RAM Tube Jr.


Cuda 12 and 14: New Hatch Cover outfitted with tracks and round hatch. Cuda bin now included. New Lumbar Pad. Change to inserts from well-nuts for RAM tube bases. New Ram Tough Tube and square post mount. Switch from ToughBall to Screwball for 2007 Style Holder. Molded in hatches.


Big Tuna: Lumbar pad (2). Add another RAM ball + RAM Tube Jr. Molded in stern hatch rim.


Kilroy: Soft deck cover added. Add lumbar pad. Add another Screwball and RAM Tube Jr

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New rep for Hurricane Kayaks in Western Canada

I am very excited to announce that I am the Western Canadian Sales Rep for Hurricane Kayaks.  Hurricane Kayaks began back in 1998 in beautiful North Carolina.  They are thermo-molded or thermo-formed boats using a material called Trylon.  They are lighweight, rigid and look fantastic!  Hurricane Kayaks have a 3 year warranty and we are looking for dealers in Western Canada right now.

All Photos are ©2012 Hurricane Aquasports

We are working on getting our demo boats as I type this so we hope to get on the water very soon and hopefully YOU can join us!

All Photos are ©2012 Hurricane Aquasports
The quality of the Hurricane Kayaks really spoke to me at the recent Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City as did the aesthetics - they are beautiful.  What else stood out...the people.  I have been an acquaintance of my new boss, Steve Jordan since my early days in the industry (I'm going on 20 years next year!!!) and he has always struck me as a man full of integrity and passion (it helped that he has always taken the time to say hello to me over the years too) so I am stoked to 
be working for him.  

All Photos are ©2012 Hurricane Aquasports

I also spent a lot of time with Jon Stewart at the booth at Outdoor Retailer and he introduced me to all of the great Hurricane models and made me feel very welcomed.  Thanks Steve and Jon!

I will be introducing you to the specific boat models in the coming months.  In the meantime familiarize yourself with the Santees, Excursions, Expeditions, Tampicos and Tracers on our website.  We've got the boat for all your paddling needs: Recreational, Hybrid Day Touring, Day Touring, Performance Touring and Sit On Tops AND nothing over 54 lbs!!!!!!

I must admit we are pretty excited to get out on the water in a few of these particularly with the Airstream Seatback!!!

Stay tuned and you will be hearing from us soon!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the road again...

We are headed East for a family wedding in Saskatoon with some stops along the way to show off the 2014 product from Kokatat Watersports Wear and Werner Paddles!

You can see the 2014 previews by following the links below:

Kokatat Men's
Kokatat Women's
Werner Paddles - Canoe/WW/SUP
Werner Paddles - Touring/Fishing

Hope to have a post or two from the road introducing you to some of our fantastic dealers along the way.

Don't forget the upcoming preseason deadlines, here they are for your reference:

Kokatat PS Program – September 15

Jackson Kayak – September 27

Werner Paddles – September 27

Predator Helmets – September 27

Hurricane Kayaks – October 1

Overboard Accessories – October 1

Seals Sprayskirts – November 1

Esquif Canoes – November 15

Monday, August 19, 2013

Trying out the 2014 Werner Paddles on the Water

We finally got on the water to demo a couple of our new 2014 Werner Paddles specifically the Luna canoe paddle and the stunningly light Werner Sr. Signature Series, Ovation touring kayak paddle.

Mark and I liked the Luna, it's smaller than the Rec Canoe Paddle and it looks much nicer (IMHO).  We will be ordering a few of these for our trip down the Fraser River next month and hope to get some nice photos in the process.

While we have been super spoiled by Werner paddling our custom performance core bent shaft canoe paddles (a wedding gift), the Luna is a great choice for the all around, does it all canoe paddle.

The Ovation, well it was incredible, so light and effortless to paddle with.  I also have to comment on how it performed entering and exiting the water - it was SMOOTH.  Perfect design, combined with flawless construction - of course, we would expect nothing less from Werner now would we.

This paddle will be for the discerning paddler, the one who wants the "best of the best".  I normally paddle a neutral bent Kalliste for touring, and I did not mind the straight shaft in the Ovation at all.  At 19.75oz. the swing-weight of this paddle can not be beat and while there is more to a great paddling paddle than swing-weight, this feels fantastic. It's shockingly light. 

You may have a Kalliste or an Athena in your paddle quiver but now you will want the Ovation.

Huge kudos to our R & D folks!!!!!  This one is a WINNER!!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

On the water in the Jackson Kayak Journey

Last weekend I had the chance to get out on the water with my husband Mark and our good friend Janyne.  Janyne is a non-paddler but she gets straight A's for being up for an adventure.

Mark and Janyne, packed up and ready to go!
 We grabbed our Esquif Prospecteur 17 and Jackson Kayak Journey 14 and loaded them up with all the things that make for a great weekend on the water.  The only thing we were short on was bug dope but that's a whole other story.

The weather was a mixed bag with some spectacular electrical storms on the Saturday night but the daytime was sun, sun and more sun.

We did some day tripping from our marine campsite and explored the opposite side of the lake which was home to a spectacular waterfall (sorry no photos).  This gave me ample time in the Journey 14 and a chance to play around in the current near the base of the waterfall.

Me, enjoying the Journey 14

The take home for me was that the Journey 14 is super versatile.  It's a fantastic day tripping option for a more experienced paddler like myself or if you want to head to the coast and play.  Yet it was also perfect for Janyne as a beginner paddler.  The 14' length gave it enough waterline to have some decent speed and as soon as you put it on edged it carved beautifully.  Janyne has not reached the point of edging her boat - her focus is on stability and the initial stability on the Journey was great for her.  She made the paddle back to our campsite that afternoon mostly effortlessly.


The outfitting in the Journey is superior to any of the kevlar performance sea kayaks we have in our personal fleet of boats and the backband is my favourite feature by far.  My only comment is that I could use a bit of a wider seat for my hips.  I remove the hip pads for a little extra room.

The Journey is available in a 13.5 and 14 model.

If you are looking for a new boat or one to add to your personal fleet, the Jackson Kayak Journey series is definitely one to check out. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Introducing the Jackson Kayak Cruise 10

While attending the Open Air Demo at the recent Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT I had the opportunity to get on the water with my Jackson Kayak cohorts and demo some of our new 2014 line up.

A boat that stuck out for me with the new Jackson Kayak Cruise 10.  This boat is a follow up to our very popular Cruise 12 that we introduced in 2013.  The Cruise 10 is perfect for that recreational paddler looking for something that is lighter-weight, stable and perfect for the entire family.  There is even a small sitting platform right in front of the paddler for a small child to sit - facing Mom or Dad!!

Nikki checking out the Cruise 10 and JK Marketing Director, James McBeath on the new Big Rig fishing kayak

The Cruise 10 has the following specs:

Length - 10′ 3″
Width - 32.5″
Height - 14″
Weight - 60 lbs.

The Cruise 10 features our hi-lo seat which is changing the way folks see outfitting in recreational kayaks.  It's comfortable, versatile and fantastic for those folks that have mobility issues as it makes getting in and out of the boat very easy.  You can also remove it while stopping on shore for lunch or a break to take in the scenery.  It also has a bow hatch and a day hatch, enough storage for a day excursion or even an overnighter with the stern top deck storage.

The Cruise 10 will also come in an Angler version and this will be for our more price-sensitive kayak angler who wants to get into a Jackson Kayak but can't quite afford the rigged out fishing models.  In the Cruise 10 they will still get that much appreciated hi-lo seat that is in our fishing models as well as the standing platform, a rod holder and a ram ball.  Perfect for getting you started.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Stand Up Paddling and Kids

Jackson SUPerNatural - 3 Crabs on Board!
       I knew the moment I fell in love with stand up paddle boarding that our family would fall in love with it too.  My partner's son, Bentley is always keen to join me on whatever kind of stand up paddle board adventure I'm on.  You can do so much with a SUP board these days everything from racing, touring and fishing to whitewater and surf.  All of which you can also do with a child of almost any age.  Kids as young as 4 are learning how to stand up paddle!

       Bentley is 11 years old and has been around water all his life.  Depending on what kind of SUPing we are doing he is sometimes on his own and other times he is taking a ride on the board with me.  He is always brave when we tackle whitewater on the front of the board and tough's it out on windy flat water days.

        The Jackson SUPerNatural is a perfect platform for crab fishing with a child on board.  It has plenty of flat space for trap storage and an extra passenger and is remarkably stable.  Bentley enjoyed dropping the crab trap himself and enjoyed it even more pulling it back up to discover a good selection of crabs.  He even helped to measure them and ensure they were males of appropriate size.

       Bentley has also been for a couple rides on the front of the Jackson SUPerCharger down sections of the Chilliwack River.  Despite his constant wiggling we manage to stay on the board...mostly.  He enjoys it and seems to never want it to end.

Bentley and I all geared up for the river!

      I soon hope Bentley will be able to do more Stand up paddling on his own.  There are more and more board and paddle options becoming available specifically for kids.  It is a market that has some room to grow...maybe the new JK SUPerKid?!  I do believe that just like we need gear that works best for us, they need gear that works best for them in order to learn and grow.

Bentley after falling off!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Werner Paddles Touring and Fishing Product for 2014

As promised here is the final introduction to the 2014 Werner Paddles product line up - Touring and Fishing.

The Werner Sr. Signature Edition Ovation is a paddle that we are very proud of.  Firstly because it bears the name of our company's founder, Werner Furrer but also because of its outstanding design.  This paddle is for the paddler who wants the lightest, best performing paddle for use in a predictable touring environment.  READ: not for guides and instructors or someone who is rough with their gear, paddling in rough waters or rock gardening.

In a straight shaft this paddle weighs 19.75 oz.!!!!  The Kalliste currently comes in at 24 oz.  WOW!!!

This paddle will also come with a Paddle Sock logo'd in silver at no extra charge.  MSRP for the straight shaft is $495.00.

The Baja is the paddle I have personally been waiting for.  I was so bummed when we discontinued our Laguna a couple of years ago because this is the PERFECT paddle for outfitters, instructional fleets, clubs, camps and schools.  At $99 MSRP this paddle provides all the Werner heritage, blade design and value to price conscious paddlers.  The blade is the same shape as the Skagit in FGIM but in a vibrant white with orange badging.  It has a push button ferrule system with 3 positions: R45/L45 and unfeathered.

Baja, Camano Hooked - Scales:Grey, Werner Sr. Signature Edition - Ovation

As we all know Kayak Fishing continues to be a growing concern in paddlesports and this remains true in Western Canada.  At Werner Paddles we believe that a great paddling paddle is the perfect kayak fishing paddle.

We have introduced our new HOOKED fishing logo (I love it!) and have 4 kayak fishing models to choose from:

Camano Hooked colour - Scales:Grey
Shuna Hooked colour - Scales:Grey
Skagit Hooked colour - brown
Tybee Hooked colour - brown

These are all fishing branded versions of our very popular, industry leading touring designs.

Straight and standard diameter shafts only and our stock lengths go up to 250cm-260cm.

We will start shipping the new 2014 product to your local Werner dealer on September 3rd.  Get your order into them now and be the first of your friends sportin' the wicked new product for 2014!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tofino Surf SUP Race Report

Special thanks to team paddler, Eli Fischbuch for the report from the Tofino Surf SUP Race!!

On the weekend of July 20th and 21st was the Tofino Surf Sup race.  This race is part of the Vancouver Island Sup series and the BC Sup Cup series too.  The race was a surf style race which was different than the other flat water races that I have done this summer. 

The first day was the long race.  We had to paddle in the open ocean for half of the race.  It was very hard because there were swells. I really liked this race – it was a challenge but it was pretty awesome to be in an ocean race. The course was two 5.5km loops – the youth and surfboard racers did one loop and the 12.6 and 14 ft men and women did two loops.  There were 3 youth racers (13-18yrs) and one grom (under 13).  It was good to finally have some other kids to race! These kids were all really good paddlers and I had to work really hard to stay with them. I think I paddled harder in this race than I ever have!

On the Saturday night there was a salmon barbecue at the TIN WIS resort.  After we ate there was a fun game of limbo with some Hawaiian music. Everybody had a great time. 

Photo credit: Taine Fischbuch

On the second day we paddled the short course.  this race was more sheltered than the other one and had more turns in it.  The course consisted of three right handed turn and one left turn, it also had a beach run.  In this race the groms went first and they did 2 laps.  There were quite few under 13 year olds which was neat to see. When they were racing most of the other racers went out and paddled with them and cheered them on.  The youth and surfboard class went next doing three laps and the men and women did 4 laps.  Since this race had three right turns I was a little worried because I can’t turn as well on the right side as I can on the left.  My turns went ok but even though I worked hard the other youth racers pulled ahead of me and I ended up third.  It was super fun to race some other youth and it makes me want to get out there and work harder for the next race.

There was also a fun relay race after Sundays race. The groms did their relay with a starboard 16’ inflatable board – each lap they would pick up another kid – by the end of the relay they were all paddling on it together! That looked pretty fun for them.

This weekend was super fun and a very good experience for me too.  Really great to have a SUP race in the ocean! The race venue was on MacKenzie Beach right in front of the Tin Wis Resort – I camped right next door at Bella Pacifica Campground with my family for the week which was awesome. I also managed to get in a couple of days surfing at Long Beach.

Thanks to every one at SurfSUP for putting together such a great event – I’m looking forward to next years already!

**Eli's paddle of choice is the Werner Paddles 2 pce adjustable Nitro**

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin