Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New rep for Hurricane Kayaks in Western Canada

I am very excited to announce that I am the Western Canadian Sales Rep for Hurricane Kayaks.  Hurricane Kayaks began back in 1998 in beautiful North Carolina.  They are thermo-molded or thermo-formed boats using a material called Trylon.  They are lighweight, rigid and look fantastic!  Hurricane Kayaks have a 3 year warranty and we are looking for dealers in Western Canada right now.

All Photos are ©2012 Hurricane Aquasports

We are working on getting our demo boats as I type this so we hope to get on the water very soon and hopefully YOU can join us!

All Photos are ©2012 Hurricane Aquasports
The quality of the Hurricane Kayaks really spoke to me at the recent Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City as did the aesthetics - they are beautiful.  What else stood out...the people.  I have been an acquaintance of my new boss, Steve Jordan since my early days in the industry (I'm going on 20 years next year!!!) and he has always struck me as a man full of integrity and passion (it helped that he has always taken the time to say hello to me over the years too) so I am stoked to 
be working for him.  

All Photos are ©2012 Hurricane Aquasports

I also spent a lot of time with Jon Stewart at the booth at Outdoor Retailer and he introduced me to all of the great Hurricane models and made me feel very welcomed.  Thanks Steve and Jon!

I will be introducing you to the specific boat models in the coming months.  In the meantime familiarize yourself with the Santees, Excursions, Expeditions, Tampicos and Tracers on our website.  We've got the boat for all your paddling needs: Recreational, Hybrid Day Touring, Day Touring, Performance Touring and Sit On Tops AND nothing over 54 lbs!!!!!!

I must admit we are pretty excited to get out on the water in a few of these particularly with the Airstream Seatback!!!

Stay tuned and you will be hearing from us soon!

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