Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Werner Paddles 2014 Preview

I am happy to say that Werner Paddles has once again delivered a fantastic line-up of new products for the upcoming season.  For 2014 we see additions in the following categories: Canoe, Whitewater, SUP and Touring.

We are also re-structuring our paddle categories for 2014.  There is a bit of info below but you will hear more about this in the coming weeks and months.

SPORT:  Touring/Fish/Kid/Coastal Play/Outrigger/Whitewater/SUP

Here is an example:

SPORT: Touring
STYLE: low/high angle or recreational or special edition or fitness-race or kid's touring
BLADE: size
SHAFT TYPE: straight or bent
CONFIGURATION: 1 pce, 2 pce.
PERFORMANCE: ultimate/premium or standard

On to the product....

CANOE: The Luna is a welcomed addition to the canoeing family of paddles at Werner.  A symmetrical blade in fiberglass construction.  Wrapped fiberglass shaft, t-grip handle, 1 pce. only and white blade.

$125.00 MSRP

 WHITEWATER: You loved the graphics we have introduced over the past 2 years and we now have a graphic in the WW lineup.  Available in the Sherpa and Powerhouse Premium models only in Search-Crimson.  This pattern is a fun camo but not just any camo, check out those kayakers!!!  There is no weight change and no change in price.

Sherpa in Search-Crimson

SUP:  Going with the success of our Grand Prix series we introduce the Carve Family (premium) and the Nitro Family (ultimate).

Carve S - smaller blade size at 85 sq" perfect for the smaller paddler or a kid
Carve M - same as our previous standard Carve at 101 sq"
Carve F - a fuller sized version at

We saw a big movement away from the teardrop shape SUP paddle blade in 2013 and in 2014 we will no longer be producing the Advantage.  The Rectangular shape of the Carve and the Nitro is gentle on the body and easy to control.  This allows the paddler to dictate when and how much power is transferred into the stroke.

Nitro S - as requested a smaller blade size at 85 sq"
Nitro M - same as our previous standard Nitro at 100 sq"
Nitro F - coming in at 110 sq" (as a result we will be discontinuing the Fuse for 2014)
* ALL Nitros will have a carbon palm grip in 2014

New colour in the SUP Premium Floral : Magenta and we will continue with our translucent blades in blue, red, pearl and the beach patterns of Azul and Jade.

For those wanting the exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel that you have come to expect in a Werner Paddle we introduce in our Ultimate Performance category the Soul Family.

The Soul like the Carve and the Nitro is available in 3 sizes: S, M and F (85 sq"/100 sq"/110 sq")

The blade is a buoyant fiberglass construction (foam core) with a fiberglass shaft, ABS palm grip and dynel edging.  These paddles are available in a vibrant blue or red colour.

Finally the Tonga gives our recreational SUP paddles a fantastic performing paddle at a price they are comfortable with.  Fiberglass blade, wrapped fiberglass shaft, bold yellow colour only, mid-sized blade in 1 pce, 2 pce. and 3 pce. options. 
$159/$199/$214 MSRP

Left to Right: Tonga, Soul M, Carve S, Carve F and Nitro M

Check back in a couple of days for our introduction of the 2014 Touring and Kayak Fishing Line Up!!!

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