Thursday, August 8, 2013

Werner Paddles Touring and Fishing Product for 2014

As promised here is the final introduction to the 2014 Werner Paddles product line up - Touring and Fishing.

The Werner Sr. Signature Edition Ovation is a paddle that we are very proud of.  Firstly because it bears the name of our company's founder, Werner Furrer but also because of its outstanding design.  This paddle is for the paddler who wants the lightest, best performing paddle for use in a predictable touring environment.  READ: not for guides and instructors or someone who is rough with their gear, paddling in rough waters or rock gardening.

In a straight shaft this paddle weighs 19.75 oz.!!!!  The Kalliste currently comes in at 24 oz.  WOW!!!

This paddle will also come with a Paddle Sock logo'd in silver at no extra charge.  MSRP for the straight shaft is $495.00.

The Baja is the paddle I have personally been waiting for.  I was so bummed when we discontinued our Laguna a couple of years ago because this is the PERFECT paddle for outfitters, instructional fleets, clubs, camps and schools.  At $99 MSRP this paddle provides all the Werner heritage, blade design and value to price conscious paddlers.  The blade is the same shape as the Skagit in FGIM but in a vibrant white with orange badging.  It has a push button ferrule system with 3 positions: R45/L45 and unfeathered.

Baja, Camano Hooked - Scales:Grey, Werner Sr. Signature Edition - Ovation

As we all know Kayak Fishing continues to be a growing concern in paddlesports and this remains true in Western Canada.  At Werner Paddles we believe that a great paddling paddle is the perfect kayak fishing paddle.

We have introduced our new HOOKED fishing logo (I love it!) and have 4 kayak fishing models to choose from:

Camano Hooked colour - Scales:Grey
Shuna Hooked colour - Scales:Grey
Skagit Hooked colour - brown
Tybee Hooked colour - brown

These are all fishing branded versions of our very popular, industry leading touring designs.

Straight and standard diameter shafts only and our stock lengths go up to 250cm-260cm.

We will start shipping the new 2014 product to your local Werner dealer on September 3rd.  Get your order into them now and be the first of your friends sportin' the wicked new product for 2014!

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