Friday, August 9, 2013

Stand Up Paddling and Kids

Jackson SUPerNatural - 3 Crabs on Board!
       I knew the moment I fell in love with stand up paddle boarding that our family would fall in love with it too.  My partner's son, Bentley is always keen to join me on whatever kind of stand up paddle board adventure I'm on.  You can do so much with a SUP board these days everything from racing, touring and fishing to whitewater and surf.  All of which you can also do with a child of almost any age.  Kids as young as 4 are learning how to stand up paddle!

       Bentley is 11 years old and has been around water all his life.  Depending on what kind of SUPing we are doing he is sometimes on his own and other times he is taking a ride on the board with me.  He is always brave when we tackle whitewater on the front of the board and tough's it out on windy flat water days.

        The Jackson SUPerNatural is a perfect platform for crab fishing with a child on board.  It has plenty of flat space for trap storage and an extra passenger and is remarkably stable.  Bentley enjoyed dropping the crab trap himself and enjoyed it even more pulling it back up to discover a good selection of crabs.  He even helped to measure them and ensure they were males of appropriate size.

       Bentley has also been for a couple rides on the front of the Jackson SUPerCharger down sections of the Chilliwack River.  Despite his constant wiggling we manage to stay on the board...mostly.  He enjoys it and seems to never want it to end.

Bentley and I all geared up for the river!

      I soon hope Bentley will be able to do more Stand up paddling on his own.  There are more and more board and paddle options becoming available specifically for kids.  It is a market that has some room to grow...maybe the new JK SUPerKid?!  I do believe that just like we need gear that works best for us, they need gear that works best for them in order to learn and grow.

Bentley after falling off!

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin