Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Werner Paddles Whitewater and Canoe/Raft 2016

Last but definitely not least we show you what's new for 2016 in whitewater and canoe/raft.

Werner Paddles continues to have a reputation in the whitewater community for BOMBER RELIABILITY on the river and in 2016 we remain committed to that. We have added some flare with the new HD Graphic, Search:Rave Green and from our research, this colour is going to be a huge hit so add this to your current Premium Performance Powerhouse and Sherpa selection.

New HD Graphic available in the Premium Performance Powerhouse and Sherpa - Search: Rave Green

And the most innovative whitewater paddle on the market is the ODACHI (od-da-chee) named for the long sword used by Japanese Samurai warriors. This paddle has been built for whitewater racers and the most important thing when racing is going forward and going forward, FAST! This paddle falls into our Ultimate Performance category and is lightweight. It's symmetrical tip is perfect for that vertical racing stroke and provides a smooth release. The strong dihedral in the blade provides stability and less flutter. This paddle is available in a straight shaft and a bent shaft. You will notice in the photo below the offset between the blade and shaft, it's approx. 2" 

The Odachi

Obvious blade to shaft offset for Ultimate Racing Performance

Smooth backside of the blade for no disturbance through the water.

Not a ton new in our Canoe/Raft category for 2016 but we are very excited to showcase another HD Graphic, the "Fire On The Water" on our Guide Stick.

Fire In the Water HD GRAPHIC

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Werner Paddles 2016 Part Deux

So yesterday you got a peak at some of the 2016 Werner Paddles line-up and I hope you are as excited as we are along with the entire Werner team!!!

Let's continue with SUP -

The entire line-up has been redesigned and you will notice this in performance from our Ultimate Performance category all the way to our Standard Performance category.

The Trance 85 & 95 are replacing the Nitro and the Flow 85 & 95 are replacing the, Soul. Check out the backside (non-powerface of the blade on both of these models). It's smooth design will mean no disturbance behind the blade when the paddle is moving through the water. What does this mean? Efficiency and ease on your body, allowing you to stay out on the water longer!

You can also see that our trusted and reliable adjustability is featured on both of these new models. The push-button adjustablility is fast and easy to use, not to mention, field maintainable.

Flow on the left and the Trance on the right

The Prodigy 85 is our kid's performance paddle. It's adjustable 60-67.5", features our SMALL FIT and two colour options: RED and TURQUOISE

Zen 95 Hooked in Catch: Lime Drift will be great for all the anglers but you don't have to be an angler to LOVE this new HD GRAPHIC

Stand Up Paddling Surfing and River Stand Up Paddling continue to be growing markets in the SUP world and Werner Paddles is leading the way.

We are very excited to add to our River specific lineup featuring the popular Session and Stinger with the addition of the Ultimate Performance, Legend 99. This is a mid-size blade at 97 sq inches. This paddle has been reinforced for bomber whitewater reliability but with an amazingly light swing-weight. The edging has been reinforced with dynel (the same material you see on our Ultimate Performance Whitewater Kayaking Paddle Blades). 

The Legend 99 is available in 1 pce, Performance Adjustable and Travel Adjustable.

Stay tuned for more information on our SUP Surf specific paddle called the, Rip Stick.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Werner Paddles 2016 - Raising the Bar

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my Werner Paddles Summer Sales Meeting in WA to see all that was new and exciting for 2016 and once again our R & D team (Tammy Ritchey and Ben Kinsella), Production (lead by Keith Kruger) and Sales & Marketing (Doug Ragan and Danny Mongno) teams did not disappoint! They knocked it outta the park!

Here is a holiday Monday teaser....

Kayaking Fish and SUP continue to be our main focus but touring and whitewater have not been left behind in 2016.

For Kayak Fishing check out our NEW HD GRAPHICS. Brighter, sharper and wicked shelf appeal and still the best Kayak Fishing Paddle is the Best Kayak Paddling Paddle! We also gave you a NEW HOOKED LOGO.

Camano/Shuna Hooked is now available in the following colours - Trophy: Charcoal ABOVE and Catch: Lime Drift BELOW

New colour for our Hooked series - Catch: Lime Drift

The Skagit Hooked in the Hi-Vis Orange will be an addition to the brown

Stand Up Paddling continues to be a strong category for Werner Paddles and in 2016 we will not only be the number one brand for paddles but also for SUP PADDLES!

- NEW FAMILY and TRAVEL Adjustables with LeverLock
- NEW BLADE & LOGO colours


Our new Vibe and Thrive 95 are family and travel adjustables with the Leverlock, Starting at $139.00 USD. The Vibe is stiff and has a well-designed progressive rectangular shape, best paddling paddle in this class

The Thrive with its FG blade performance and family adjustable and travel leverlock has incredible value and performance at $199.00 USD.

NEW LEVERLOCK - quick and easy to use with a "guide" to ensure you have your grip in the right spot. Convenient 16" of adjust-ability for the entire family (4'10" to 6'2"). Available on all sub $200.00 USD models.
Our touring line-up also so the addition of HD graphics. Check out Swellz Blue that will be available in our Premium Performance Camano, Little Dipper, Shuna and Corryvrecken.

Swellz Blue in our very popular, Premium Performance, Camano

Check back tomorrow for more info on what is new!!!!!!

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin