Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Werner Paddles Whitewater and Canoe/Raft 2016

Last but definitely not least we show you what's new for 2016 in whitewater and canoe/raft.

Werner Paddles continues to have a reputation in the whitewater community for BOMBER RELIABILITY on the river and in 2016 we remain committed to that. We have added some flare with the new HD Graphic, Search:Rave Green and from our research, this colour is going to be a huge hit so add this to your current Premium Performance Powerhouse and Sherpa selection.

New HD Graphic available in the Premium Performance Powerhouse and Sherpa - Search: Rave Green

And the most innovative whitewater paddle on the market is the ODACHI (od-da-chee) named for the long sword used by Japanese Samurai warriors. This paddle has been built for whitewater racers and the most important thing when racing is going forward and going forward, FAST! This paddle falls into our Ultimate Performance category and is lightweight. It's symmetrical tip is perfect for that vertical racing stroke and provides a smooth release. The strong dihedral in the blade provides stability and less flutter. This paddle is available in a straight shaft and a bent shaft. You will notice in the photo below the offset between the blade and shaft, it's approx. 2" 

The Odachi

Obvious blade to shaft offset for Ultimate Racing Performance

Smooth backside of the blade for no disturbance through the water.

Not a ton new in our Canoe/Raft category for 2016 but we are very excited to showcase another HD Graphic, the "Fire On The Water" on our Guide Stick.

Fire In the Water HD GRAPHIC

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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin