Monday, August 19, 2013

Trying out the 2014 Werner Paddles on the Water

We finally got on the water to demo a couple of our new 2014 Werner Paddles specifically the Luna canoe paddle and the stunningly light Werner Sr. Signature Series, Ovation touring kayak paddle.

Mark and I liked the Luna, it's smaller than the Rec Canoe Paddle and it looks much nicer (IMHO).  We will be ordering a few of these for our trip down the Fraser River next month and hope to get some nice photos in the process.

While we have been super spoiled by Werner paddling our custom performance core bent shaft canoe paddles (a wedding gift), the Luna is a great choice for the all around, does it all canoe paddle.

The Ovation, well it was incredible, so light and effortless to paddle with.  I also have to comment on how it performed entering and exiting the water - it was SMOOTH.  Perfect design, combined with flawless construction - of course, we would expect nothing less from Werner now would we.

This paddle will be for the discerning paddler, the one who wants the "best of the best".  I normally paddle a neutral bent Kalliste for touring, and I did not mind the straight shaft in the Ovation at all.  At 19.75oz. the swing-weight of this paddle can not be beat and while there is more to a great paddling paddle than swing-weight, this feels fantastic. It's shockingly light. 

You may have a Kalliste or an Athena in your paddle quiver but now you will want the Ovation.

Huge kudos to our R & D folks!!!!!  This one is a WINNER!!!!

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin