Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Help Save Callaghan Creek: Another Canadian Navigable Waterway Under Threat!

I got an email recently from Ryan Bayes, Kokatat Watersports Wear, Jackson Kayak, Seals Sprayskirts and Werner Paddles dealer with Western Canoeing and Kayaking about spreading the word about Callaghan Creek near Whistler, BC.  Looks like another navigable waterway is under threat and we need to get involved as paddlers and avid outdoors people..

Last week we learned that Callaghan Creek (the most classic of classic Whistler Creek runs) has been staked for hydro development by Inergex. The section they would like to de-water is probably the most run class 4/5 piece of whitewater in BC. The local paddlers are very passionate about protecting this creek.

On July 20, 2013 the annual Callaghan Creek Race will be taking place. We feel that making this event a big one could go a long ways towards protecting this river, or should it come to it, help mitigate the impacts. In my dealings with Nav. Waters Canada and the Environmental Assessment Office having a large number of user days (or events) on a  waterway is priceless when it comes time to mitigate.

Here is info on Callaghan Creek: http://liquidlore.com/bc/callaghan/

If you are a paddler please head out to the Callaghan Creek Race on July 20th for some great paddling and offer your support and your voice in protecting it while you are it.

Callaghan Creek

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