Friday, December 20, 2013

Update from our Canadian Junior SUP Champion - Eli Fischbuch

Now that winter is here my paddling season is over for this year and I am just spending my time trying to stay in shape for next season!  

Here in in Cochrane, Alberta it gets cold and snowy very fast which means it is basically impossible to go out and paddle.  I do try to go out on the Bow River as long as I can.  Me and another group of paddlers from Aquabatics Junior Development group got out at the very start of the season when there was still some snow and ice around and paddled down the Bow for a little bit and then we saw an iceberg in an eddie and we decided to all jump on it and started doing down the river on it - paddling an iceberg was something different!  

Claire Clarkson and Eli Fischbuch both on the Aquabatics Junior Development SUP team!  photo: Vanessa Fischbuch

A few of us also went out this fall - our last day was on October 12th. This was World Paddle for the Planet Day and we thought we might be able to get some other kids to come out and paddle with us. But it was cold and no one seemed to want to come!

Since I cannot actually practice paddling here I just try to stay in shape over the winter.  I joined a climbing club to get stronger so I climb two days a week.  I also ski a lot.  I am really starting to like backcountry skiing, so you have to tour up the mountain before you ski down.  This should really build on my endurance.  These are the main ways that I try to stay in shape over the winter when I cannot paddle.

Next year I am planning on continuing racing SUP as well as hopefully getting on the river some more here in Alberta.  There are lots of different races that I keep hearing about - there is one on the Hood River I heard about that sounds like fun and I’d like to maybe try that one.  There was also a river race up in Edmonton as well as a surf competition at West Edmonton Mall this summer - if that happens again I’d like to go check that out. There’s alot to do! I just have to hope my parents are keen to drive me!

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin