Friday, March 14, 2014

Greetings from the SUP Race Scene in Mexico

Our very own Lina Augaitis has been quite the jet-setter in the first 3+ months of 2014 and here's an update from her recent Stand Up Paddle Race in Sayulita Mexico.

Sayulita is a quaint Mexican town with a perfect mix of touristy and real Mexican flare. Punta Sayulita a great venue for surfing and racing. The beach is perfect for spectators and for training. I am glad I got to experience this wonderful little gem of an event and town. 

Saturday was race day for the elite short course. I was on the SIC X12 PRO using my Werner small Grand Prix paddle. The waves were a good size with some of the sets a little intimidating for the race boards. During warm up I managed to score a cut on my heel and was feeling slightly flustered and intimidated by the waves... I think people could see it on my face (even though I tried to look confident:)) The course was 3 loops with two beach runs. Off the horn a huge set was rolling least we were all in the same boat having to battle the waves:).. I got through most of the set but got caught on the outside wave twice. Its always a little frustrating when you fall and get up just in time to see another wave crashing  right in front of you just big and awkward enough to knock you down again.. This is part of racing and part of the mental challenge to never give up and push through the tough moments.  I think I did better than most though through that first set. I think everyone got caught up in the set except the beast Georges he made it through no problems. Once I got through I started catching some guys on the outside. The first surf into the beach went well. I stayed on my board and caught some guys... I had a clean exit off the board which I was totally stoked about. The next loop I fell on one wave going out... my luck had it that every time I headed out a good size set rolled in:) good practice anyhow. I managed to maintain my position among the men and women throughout the course. I had three clean surf entries onto the beach which I was totally pumped about and is what I am proud of myself for. I may not look elegant surfing in but I did it:) I managed to win the women's and come top ten among the men. 

The following day was the distance event. We had a beach start and finish with three loops of spectator friendly course. On this day I chose to try out my new SIC X12 PRO LITE board. It is 24" wide so less stable but faster than the PRO. We started in a slightly more sheltered part of the bay so the waves were slightly smaller but still big enough to cause some excitement. This time around though the horn went after the large set:) To the second buoy I was with a bunch of the SIC crew but during the first long section I managed to pull away from a bunch of guys and then was alone for the rest of the race standing in 6th place. By the third loop the conditions were not in our favor with tough wind and water conditions. I managed to stay upright through the sections but it was hard work mentally and physically. The loop went something like this (headwind, side chop plus weird conditions, side chop on the other side, head wind.... x3). It was big mental push to make it around the course and good practice for the balance skills. My legs were definitely feeling it. It was grand to paddle into the finish and be done:) I managed to win first female and 6th overall on this day. 

The event does a good job in bringing people together with a huge concert on Saturday night (G love and the special sauce taking stage right there on the beach)... so cool. I love beach towns. Sunday night awards was  up on the cliff looking over the water... what a gorgeous venue.

live, love, laugh,..DREAM!

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  1. Good for you Lina! What an inspiration!


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