Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stand Up Paddling - Copper Island Provincial Park

Welcome, guest-blogger Eli Fischbuch!

Now that school is done for me we have headed back to our cabin in Blind Bay, BC. One of my favorite places to paddle here is out to Copper Island, which is just out from Blind Bay. I thought I would do up a trip report in case there are others looking for new places to paddle.

Copper Island is the only Island on the Shuswap Lake and is a Provincial Park.  This makes it a neat destination for the day.  On this island there is a small rocky beach on the north side.  You can access the 3 kilometers trail that circles the island from this little beach.. There is an awesome view on the south side of the island from the trail.  If you are up for more excitement there is also cliff jumping on the south side of the island.  There are three main jumping heights 20, 45, and 65 feet.

From the main public beach in Blind Bay to Copper Island it is around 4 kilometers and from Reedman’s Point, which is also a public beach, it is about 2 kilometers.  If you want a little bit of a longer paddle you can go to Shuswap lake Provincial Park, which is across the lake another 1.5km approx.  There is also camping at this park, which there is not at Copper Island.

We find the best time of day to do this paddle is in the early morning before all the boats get out on the lake and make it choppy. But it can be fun to surf some boat wakes later in the day too! Sometimes we pack a breakfast and paddle out, do the trail and have breakfast before we paddle home.

Blind Bay is 25kms west from Salmon Arm right off the trans Canada Hwy..

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