Thursday, March 19, 2015

CJC Stand Up Paddle Board Fins

CJC SUP Fins... What's Under Your Board?

Availability April 1st

Pricing $110 retail including an EVA sleeve plus taxes per fin.

Nikki Rekman Sales is excited to be helping Chris of CJC SUP Fins get his fins under the boards of SUP paddlers throughout Western Canada.  Chris and his partner, Dorine are well-known in our local SUP community and are committed to sharing their love of SUP and the outdoors with everyone they meet. 

Contact me today if you are interested in selling CJC SUP Fins in your store.

Buzzsaw 210: [buhz – saw]
The Buzzsaw is designed to cut through in tougher conditions. With a larger surface area this fin provides great tracking and stability giving confidence when things get rough. The Buzzsaw is perfect for recreational paddlers as their everyday fin or for racers requiring a more stable and good tracking fin for long distance races in choppy conditions.

A great everyday fin at home in everyone’s fin quiver.

Cleaver 267: [klee-ver]
The Cleaver cuts through anything… period. This is one big burly fin with only two things in mind, Tracking and Stability, that’s it. Are you loaded with gear and on an epic A to B adventure of a lifetime? This is what you want under your board keeping you stable and on track, especially when things kick up.

Are you an SUP Adventurer?  Why isn’t this fin under your board?

Classic 185: [klas-ik]
The name says it all, a spin on a classic longboard design intended for SUP Surfing. Not only does this fin offers a balance of hold and maneuverability providing a whole bunch of fun in the waves but it is also a great all round SUP fin that falls in-between the Halcyon, BuzzSaw and Tamahaac size wise. If your board has thruster boxes combine the Classic with one of our thruster options to fine tune your ride and shred the break.

Are you a SUP Surfer?  This fin is a must in your fin quiver.

Cutlass 136: [kuht-luh s]
Designed for SUP Surfing and utilizing a 50/50 foil the Cutlass can be used as a small center fin or a large thruster depending on the board, the conditions and your needs. As a center fin it offers great response and maneuverability. As a thruster it offers unparalleled hold and great drive. This fin has a FCS thruster mount so you would also require a Longboard Box Adapter to use as a center fin.
Check it out on a break near you.


Rapier 112: [rey-pee-er]
The Rapier is a mid sized thruster fin. The Rapier has a flat foil for maximum drive. This one offers good hold and drive for those wanting to carve an open face or snap off the top. A GREAT all round thruster fin.

Check it out on a break near you and be ready for your next duel.


Dirk 90: [durk]
The Dirk is my smallest thruster fin. This fin has a flat foil combined with the signature base offering great drive for a fin this size but is still small enough to keep the board very “loose”. The Dirk is a balance of drive, pivot and hold for those wanting a combination of speed, maneuverability and flow.

Check it out on a break near you.


Weedless 250: [weed  less]
This one is pretty simple, designed to shed weeds, grasses and kelp. With a long leading edge that is laid back a few degrees more than the competition this fin sheds weeds like no other. As with all CJC SUP Fins using the signature base design maintains great tracking yet allows the fin to turn exceptionally well. Extra volume in the tip increases the stability of this otherwise low volume fin.
If you paddle in weedy areas this one is a must for your fin quiver.  

Tamahaac 230: [tom-uh-hawk]
The Tamahaac was designed for long course racing in moderate conditions. With a 230mm draft it finds a nice balance without creating extra drag while maintaining good tracking. The signature cut away base design keeps the surface area at a minimum also allowing the Tamahaac to turn extremely well compared to other similarly sized fins.
If your looking a moderate condition distance fin the Tamahaac needs to find a home in your fin quiver.

 Halcyon 165: [hal-see-uhn]
The Halcyon is designed for short course racing. With a shallow draft of 165mm you are able to get in the water and standing even quicker for those shallow beach starts without the fear of hitting the fin. Also with its minimal height the fin allows the board to accelerate quickly with minimal drag. When it comes to the quick tight pivot turns the large cut away provides a reduced overall surface area that will have you spinning circles around the competition and if there are any weeds out there, fear not, that 47-degree leading edge drops them without hesitation.
You will be pleased to have the Halcyon 165 in your fin quiver.

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin