Monday, June 29, 2015

Non-Paddling Friends and My Love For Paddling

Like you, we have friends that don't paddle. Our friend MO is one of these--more of a landlubber than a paddler--but with the arrival of Hurricane Kayaks in our life, that all changed.

MO in her Santee 116 Sport, Kokatat Aries PFD using a Werner Paddles Premium Performance Camano kayak paddle

Last week we escaped for a few mid-week days to Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park, north of Whistler, BC with MO and the following Hurricane Kayaks: Santee 116 Sport (aka MO's boat), Santee 126 and Sojourn 135.

Over the past few years we have been getting MO out on the water more and more. She's been kayaking up on Otter Lake, Chilliwack Lake, Cultus Lake and even canoed down the Fraser River with us. For her, the Santee 116 Sport has been a perfect fit.

MO has two objectives in mind when it comes to kayaking:     

1) being on the water 1a) not tipping over and 2) getting a tan. 

The Santee 116 Sport is stable, lightweight and easy to get in and out of. MO has even decided that she wants to buy our Santee 116 Sport :). FYI - The Santee 116 Sport is a mere 36.5 lbs. Who knew our land-loving friend would want to buy a kayak, a few short years after us getting her out on the water? Not me and I am not sure she did either.

We love getting on the water with friends like MO and introducing them to what WE love about paddling so they can figure out what THEY love about paddling too.

Get the landlubbers in your life, on the water into a boat that they are comfortable in, that they can handle easily and most importantly, have fun in. It might change their lives and add more enjoyment to yours.

You can find Hurricane Kayaks at Aquabatics in Calgary and Wildways in Christina Lake. Stay tuned for a list of more dealers in Western Canada.

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin