Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Werner Paddles Rip Stick Review by Mark Temme

Mark Temme, is a SUP Surf athlete based out of New York state, check out what he had to say about his Werner Paddles Rip Stick

Got my Rip Stick! Big Thanks!!! Used it today in some good surf here in Surf City, New Jersey. Hands down the best SUP Surf Paddle I have ever used! Whether paddling thru whitewater or spinning around to catch a wave it gives me the quick bursts of acceleration needed to maximize performance. The light weight, progressive blade design and surface area also allows for the most efficient handling I've ever experienced while riding a wave. It allows easy paddle transfers and the smoothest, cleanest interface with the slope and shape of the wave. Definitely the best paddle i've ever used to SUP Surf!!! Already showed it off to the crew hanging out at the top of the dune after my first session using it! Big Mahalos!

The Rip Stick is available in two sizes - 79 & 89 and designed from the ground up by professional surfers, one of which is Fiona Wylde. With it's unique double concave and strong dihedral you've got great power pockets and a self-centering blade that makes every stroke count!

Fiona recently came in 2nd at the 2016 Waterman League Turtle Bay's Pro Women's Competition. This was stop #1 of the Stand Up World Tour and you can expect to hear more about the Rip Stick as the premier surf event in the US, Santa Cruz Paddlefest takes place THIS weekend.

Contact Mark at New York Kayak Co. in Manhattan to find out more about SUP paddling in NYC or on the surf in NJ.

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