Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome to the Nikki Rekman Sales Blog!

This is a new venture for me but as my website is near completion I feel this will be a great tool to use in conjunction with the site.

My goal is to have new content posted regularly so please come back frequently.

On the blog I will discuss product, sales, events and really anything that I feel is relevant to paddling in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

At this time of year I am very busy prepping for the upcoming season, planning dealer visits, events and one of my favourite things of late...solidifying my Kayak Fishing Team!!!  As many of you know Kayak Fishing is a growing concern in my territory.  A bit slower to catch on than in places like the Southeastern US, many believe this will be a significant area of growth in paddlesports in 2012.

Currently we are working with kayak angler, Stephen Laurie in Alberta.  Stephen is also part of Canadian Kayak Anglers.com and is heading up the Eastslope Kayak Fishing Classic on June 25th in Glennifer Lake, AB.  You can check out the CKA forum at http://www.canadiankayakanglers.com/ and Stephen's personal blog at http://fishnhound.canadiankayakanglers.com/

Last night, Mark and I dropped off a brand new Jackson Kayak Coosa and Cuda at the home of a kayak angler here in our hometown so we are working on growing our kayak fishing team.  We have done the same in Washington so we hope to introduce you to two more members very shortly.  We will work closely with these anglers in the fishing community to expose and grow kayak fishing. 

If you are interested in demoing the Jackson Kayak fishing kayaks, the Coosa or Cuda please contact me and we'll help you get set up with one of our JK dealers in your area.

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin