Saturday, June 30, 2012

Demo Fleet Items for Sale

Gear for sale - BELUGA (all brand new) 
- email me for pricing                                 
Boreal Design PFD - side zip RED (L/XL)              
Beluga Paddlefloat YELLOW                                  
Beluga Deluxe Paddlefloat RED                              
Beluga Double Chamber Inflatable Paddlefloat YELLOW                         
Beluga JK-0 Sprayskirt BLACK                               
Beluga JK-2 Sprayskirt BLACK                               
Beluga JK-0-Z Sprayskirt BLACK                           
Beluga JK-3 Sprayskirt BLACK/RED                                  
Beluga Float Bag Covers YELLOW  for 48" 3-D solo bags             
Beluga Mesh Cargo Bag BLACK      50L                 
Beluga MC-4 Knee Pads GREY                               
Beluga Knee Cups GREY                             
Beluga Thigh Straps Deluxe Cushion RED                          
Throwbag 70' 5/16"Kernmantle Rope - 1560 lbs. RED                                
Throwbag 70' 1/4" Kernmantle Rope - 1175 lbs. RED/BLACK                              
Beluga Basic Thigh Straps CC-1 BLACK                            
2" double d-ring RED x 2      
Flexible PVC 5 loops anchor RED                            
Modulus Tow System - belt only BLACK/YELLOW                                 
Flexible PVC 1" loop anchor  GREY                        
Towing Bungee Long Version YELLOW                            
Towboat System (SE-4) YELLOW                          
Sea Kayak Towing Bungee PRO RED                                 
3M Reflective Bungee Paddle Leash RED                           
Cobra Tow System - Sea Kayak YELLOW                          
Beckson Bilge Pump   GREY/RED                           
2MM Neoprene Socks BLACK Size Large (10-11)             
Beluga Quick Release Belt (SE-6) BLACK                          
"V-STRAPS SYSTEM (WE-1) includes: Features : Tri-glide buckle at each loose end of the webbing to avoid any flapping during travelling. Storage bag included.

Rope Ratchet System (WE-4)  (tie down w/ratchet for sea kayak) ORANGE PAIR          
Cam Straps      BLACK 16' PAIR                 
Safety Kit in plastic container includes rope, whistle, bailer and waterproof flashlight       
Safety Kit - incl. throwbag, bailer, whistle and waterproof flashlight                                  
Reflective Deckline Covers    SILVER PAIR                      
Economical Bungee Paddle Leash BLACK                         
Cockpit Cover – Nylon BLACK  LARGE x 2  34 1/2 × 20 1/2 in.
Cargo Cockpit Cover  BLACK SMALL  30 × 19 1/2 in.

Boats for Sale

Demo boats plus 12% HST

Ellesmere FG Mango $2428.00
Ellesmere FG Yellow $2428.00
Vaag FG Bllue $2799.00
Vital Kevlar Blue $3465.00
Kasko Poly Red $800 w/rudder and bow/stern bulkhead
Sedna Poly Yellow $989.00
Baffin P1 Red $1199.00
Epsilon P200 multi red/orange $1199.00
Epsilon P100 mango $1199.00

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin