Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jackson Kayak Fun REVIEW

Thanks Dave Prothero Photography for the photos of Laurel
Welcome, Guest Blogger, Laurel Archer.

The first time I sit in the Jackson Kayak Fun is in a back alley in Vancouver. I rip off the plastic and jump in. Right away I am psyched by how comfy it is. The standard outfitting is easy and fast to adjust, even on a cold January morning in my jeans and puffy jacket. The boat is not too wide and the braces are in the perfect spot for lifting my knees. The back band is solid and my legs aren’t awkwardly splayed, a problem with some other kayaks I’ve tried. And there is lots of room for the feet.

I finally get the boat to the river on a whitewater kayaking course with the COLT -  students from Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor, and the boat shows its true greatness immediately – the outfitting supports a powerful stance and the slightly softer chine together make for absolutely fantastic edging. The Fun rolls like a dream for the same reasons. I can sit in it for long periods while teaching and its also great for rescuing/ towing paddlers because it is so fast for its length.

Most of all, I realize after some surfs, spins and squirts here and there on the sly while the students are getting themselves together throughout the day that the name is perfect. It is FUN to paddle. The stern is alive. There is a little too much volume for a 145 lb, 5’7” paddler like me to do flatwater moves (for teaching and river running this is a good trade off) but any current line brings out the playboat in it for me. It’s slippery on a wave and light to carry. No drain plug, but holes in the cockpit work to aid draining water from the hull and a sponge is supplied. The happy face cut into it sums up this boat in all ways.

Thank you Nikki Rekman of Nikki Rekman Sales for helping make it mine!   

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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
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