Monday, July 30, 2012

Working Smart/Smart Working

Welcome, Guest Blogger Angie Berman of Werner Paddles!

I had the pleasure of attending my Werner Sales Meeting in beautiful Orondo, WA this past weekend and I have got some things to share.  Angie Berman, who heads up Human Resources at Werner Paddles gave a great presentation called, Working Smart/Smart Working.  There is something all of us can take away from this.  Please share it with the floor staff too!

Basic Organizational Skills
                - What is the #1 thing you do to stay organized?  
                                - focus on what is important
                                                                - long term goals
                                                                - daily priorities
                                                                - keep photos of your family or inspirational pictures                             nearby
                                - Use Outlook
                                                                - use alarm and reminders
                                                                - ENTER all commitments
                                                                - don't use multiple tools, use one that is integrated.
                                                                - schedule meetings so the time and date is set
                                - Make Lists
                                                                - daily, weekly and monthly
                                                                - review daily priorities at the beginning of each day
                                                                - always have your computer or phone with you for 
                                                                  entering notes
                                - Manage Your Time Well
                                                                - don't do what you're good at, get good at doing what's
                                                                - work smart not hard
                                - Use Deadlines to Get Things Done
                                                                - make an action item after a meeting or seeing a dealer
                                                                - set realistic time frames for tasks
                                                                - use TASKS in outlook, deadlines are easy to set
                                - Managing Your Mail and Phone Calls
                                                                - sort incoming mail into categories by priorities or action
                                                                - How do you sort your INBOX?
                                - Stay Organized
                                                                - reduce clutter, focus on priorities
                                                                - keep electronic files organized, it's easy to save in odd 
Email Etiquette
                                                                - be concise and to the point
                                                                - read thoroughly, answer all questions
                                                                - use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation
                                                                - answer as quickly as possible
                                                                - do not attach unnecessary files
                                                                - use proper layout and structure
                                                                - do not overuse the high priority option
                                                                - Do not write in capitals
                                                                - Don't leave out the message thread
                                                                 - Read the email before you send it
                                                                - Do not overuse Reply to All
                                                                - take care with abbreviations and emoticons
                                                                - be careful with formatting
                                                                - do not copy or forward a message or attachment with
                                                                - use caution emailing confidential emails
                                                                - use a meaningful and relevant subject line
                                                                - use cc sparingly.
                                                                - don't email to avoid personal contact
                                                                - use email trailers for confidential emails
                                                                - be sparing with group emails
                                                                - wait to fill in the TO email address (no accidents)

Phone Etiquette
                                - SMILE!!!  (you can tell)
                                - State your name
                                - Have a purpose and an agenda for your call
                                - Know the caller (casual vs. professional)
                                - leave short concise messages
                                - slow down
                                - know their names
                                - LISTEN

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin