Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cold Weather Gear for Kayak Fishing

Our kayak angler, Stephen Laurie put together a great post for anglers about cold weather gear. This post is also applicable to non-anglers as well.

I will take this opportunity to also let you know that Kokatat is introducing WOOLCORE as part of their Insulation Layer Program for 2013. Paddlers know that wool is one of the best fabrics to wear in the marine environment and Kokatat just made it better, of course.

Our woolcore is a blend of 50% New Zealand Merino Wool and 50% polyester, this blend brings the best of both these fabrics so you have the comfort and temperature regulation of wool and the quick dry action of polyester.

Don't forget to check out our basecore (silkweight polyester/polypropylene blend), outercore (fleece), suncore (rash guard) and the neocore.

Go to for more information and watch the blog for more Kokatat 2013 product!!!

Jackson Kayak Angler, Drew Gregory at the Open Air Demo yesterday taking the new SUPerFISHal for a paddle.

Have you ever thought about fishing from a SUP board? If so and you want to try it out let us know and we'll arrange a demo with you when our boards arrive.

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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin