Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello from the South Atlantic

      Nikki is doing her best to keep us up to date of her Antarctic Journey and as her e-mails are being sent via Satellite phone there are no pictures to report.  This is what she's been up to so far.

      Other than being "incapacitated by sea sickness on the first full day at sea" and "appropriately medicated ever since" Nikki Reports that things are great. First, a visit to the Falkland Islands to take in the amazing wildlife including "beautiful sea birds, black browed albatross, pintados and even our first penguins, the rockhoppers on West Point Island".  Here Nikki and Mark also enjoyed tea and baked goodies with the local couple that live on the island. Next, to the town of Stanley to take in the history at a couple of Museum's.  Unfortunately, the paddling excursion planned for this portion of the trip was cancelled due to high wind but,  Nikki figures they had "13 more days to keep trying".

 They have arrived in South Georgia after 2 full days at sea.  In her own words, Nikki states "Kayaking this a.m. was unfreaking believable!   We paddled in Elsehul Bay and the wildlife was insane!  Elephant seals, King penguins, Gentoo penguins and fur seals and of course albatross.   And we just saw our first iceberg!"

We are looking forward to the week 2 Report.  Stay tuned.

Laura Demers

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin