Friday, January 25, 2013

In Support of Paddle for the North

Six mates, six rivers, three canoes, two months, 1300km (800+ miles), Yukon to Alaska. The trip of a lifetime.

Paddle for the North, is the adventure of Gabriel Rivest, Scott Sinton, Simon Lucas, Alexandre Deschênes-Dénommé, Matthew Holmes and Michah Rauguth and their desire to bring awareness to the importance of protecting Canadian Watersheds and more specifically, that of the Peel Watershed.

"Unfortunately, the Yukon government is planning to open up this untouched area for mining. Which mean roads, development and destruction. This simply isn’t good enough.
Our hope is that by sharing our experience, others will see the untouched beauty and it will inspire people not only to protect these areas but also to plan adventures of their own."

For more information about the Peel Watershed check out the Paddle for the North website.

Nikki Rekman Sales is very happy to help this group of paddlers out and connect them with the best paddles in the world - Werner Paddles!  Also supporting this important adventure is Werner Paddles dealer, Up North Adventures in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Please follow their journey via their Facebook page.


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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin