Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting to know the new whitewater kayak models at Jackson Part 1

2013 has brought some new whitewater kayak models to the Jackson Kayak line up.

The Karma is our new creek boat and is available in three sizes:  Small/Medium/Large

Small Ideal Weight Range: 80-155 lbs
Medium Ideal Weight Range: 140-215 lbs
Large  Ideal Weight Range: 200-300 lbs

More specs HERE

A couple of things to listen for during the walk-thru that make the Karma stand out are:

- bow rocker - keeps the bow sitting higher in the water, narrow bow which assists with a soft landing
- high parting line - what is it?  The line between the deck and the hull.  Having a high parting line means a large side wall, this prevents water from going over the deck.  The boat won't feel too edgy, it will feel stable
- high volume stern - keeps the stern from burying, it's wider than the bow and this provides great stability
- planing hull - fast
- chines - rounded off early in the bow assists with a soft landing as does the fact that the side walls flare out.

As we prep for the Spring paddling season watch these great walk-thrus and reviews of the Karma and share with us what YOU like about the Karma.

Part 2 will feature the new 2013 Star Series

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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin