Monday, April 1, 2013

Molokai to Oahu Crossing on a Stand Up Paddle Board

Nikki Rekman Sales and Werner SUP Paddles team paddler, Lina Augaitis is a very special woman and athlete so when Lina told us there was a change in her summer plans we knew it was going to be amazing.

Here's the update:

So it is official, I am going for it. I will be the first CANADIAN male or female to try and complete the Molokai to Oahu crossing on a SUP. This is the world paddleboard championships for long distance SUP racing. It requires stamina, skill, and a whole lot more. It is 4 months away, and I am dedicating all I have to make this happen as successfully as possible. The physical, mental, spiritual, and logistical demand is huge, it is all a challenge, a challenge that I am ready for and desire. The rich history and culture associated with this channel crossing is mind-blowing and I hope to become familiar with it.  Reading and learning about it before the crossing, feeling the emotion and spiritual closeness throughout the crossing and being able to share it with others following the crossing. 

There is a lot to do from now to July and I am hoping we can work together to make it happen! 

Lina has begun a series of blogs about her journey towards Molokai to Oahu. She will be updating with lesson learned, the successes, failures, thoughts, feelings, and everything in between. Sharing with others and hopefully motivating them to follow their dreams and make them happen! 

We are very excited to support Lina and her dream of completing the Molokai to Oahu crossing.  Stay tuned and if you are interested in supporting Lina too, contact her through her blog.

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin