Friday, March 29, 2013

Kid's Paddles - More fun on the water!

Back in February we had an awesome review on our blog by my young friend, Taiga Schorr about kid's gear and this post is sticking with that theme.

We always tell people that a paddle is their engine.  It's also an investment worth their time, energy and money.  This is just the same message for purchasing a kid's paddle.  Having a paddle that is made with their size in mind ensures that they will have an enjoyable time on the water and well, that's the whole idea!

At Werner Paddles we've got the perfect paddle for kid's whether they are whitewater paddling or rec/touring.

The Amigo is the perfect whitewater paddle for kid's, with it's smaller blade design, fiberglass reinforced nylon blades and premium carbon blend shaft!  For 2013, we also changed the blade colour to high visible yellow.

For recreational/touring/sea kayaking we have the Sprite with proportionally smaller, fiberglass reinforced nylon blades and carbon blend shaft for kids. For 2013, also with the high visible yellow coloured blade.

Kid-sized blades move less water and save energy for all day fun.  Don't pass on your old paddle to the kids but invest in something that helps give them the best experience possible, this way they will be paddling with you for years to come.

We would love to hear from more kid's so send us your photos and we will post them here on our blog with your story of a day out on the water.

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin