Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Women’s Perspective on Fishing

     I’ve been an angler for 2 years now and am overwhelmed at how much there is to learn.  From my point of view, fishing is a mostly male sport, however it’s not like they don’t want women out there fishing.  As a matter of fact I get people making comments all the time wishing their partner was into fishing.  Yes, in the beginning it was mind-boggling to learn about gear, tackle and species ID’s and I still don’t know it all.  Nor do I think I will ever know it all.  

To begin with, I found myself being intimidated by all the choices for gear and tackle.  As a woman in this sport I believe that you have to be willing to listen, learn and ask questions.  So, to decide on my first rod, reel and tackle I took the suggestions made by our local tackle shop.  Picking out the rod and reel are one thing, but the tackle seems endless!  What size hook do I use? Do I use bait, a lure...or both? Do I use a float?  Although I was embarrassed the first few times to admit I didn’t know when to use or how to use such tackle any good tackle shop should be able and willing to help a woman understand how to use what they are buying.

          The best thing I ever did to improve my angling skills is to fish with other experienced anglers.  Fortunately for me, most men are more willing to help other women then other men.  I think women are just more receptive to what they have to say.  I still have a hard time with species ID’s, but it helps to be around others who know so that you learn by seeing.  The rule is if your not 100% sure, catch and release!  I seem to be able to ID a Coho salmon though as it’s the only fish I’ve kept in 2 years.
  I am mostly into fishing from a Kayak, only because I love to kayak and some of the best spots I’ve found so far are hard to access in anything but a kayak.  Choosing a kayak was an easy decision for me.  I chose the Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 because it is light enough to load on my truck myself, yet doesn't lack the features found on an all out fishing kayak.  It sure helps the weight when most of the accessories, including the seat can be removed for carrying.  Part of why I enjoy kayak fishing...I love the feeling I get when I paddle up river to a hard to access fishing hole and find one other guy there who says “I can’t believe its a girl”!

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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin