Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Samples, Gear and Boats that will be at the Sale Friday and Saturday

As promised here is the list.  Sorry no prices.  You have to come to the sale as I don't have time to list all prices, sizes etc.  Again, no shipping and CASH only.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!!

Jackson Kayak Cruise (SOT) 2013
Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 w/rudder 2013
Jackson Kayak Coosa 2013
Jackson Kayak Fun Runner 60 2012
Jackson Kayak Allstar 2013
Jackson Kayak SUPERNatural 2013
Jackson Kayak SUPERFishal 2013
Jackson Kayak Journey 13.5 w/rudder2013
Jackson Kayak Journey 14 w/rudder 2013

Boreal Design - Sedna w/rudder
Boreal Design - Epsilon w/rudder

North Shore Buccaneer (built by Valley Sea Kayaks in the UK)

Esquif L'Edge DECKED

Reaction Jacket Large Radish
Rogue Wo's Large Mango (needs new gaskets)
Tec Tour Wo's Large Radish
Goretex Paclite Knappster Unisex Medium Chili
Goretex Paclite Pullover Unisex Medium Sky
Goretex Paclite Pant Unisex Large Grey
Destination Wear Wo's Capri (2014 sample) Medium
Surfskin Unisex Short Sleeve Large
Neocore Short Wo's Medium
Neocore Men's Short Sleeve Medium
Neocore Wo's Short Sleeve Medium

PFD's (all Kokatat)
Orbit Cobalt L/XL
Aries Canvas XS/S
Outfit Cobalt Medium x 3
Outfit Tour Cobalt Medium x 1
Guide Orange Large x 2

Rear PFD Pocket (Black)

Goretex Front Entry Men's Medium Lichen
Goretex Expedition Men's Large Radish

Brooks Men's Medium Neoprene Vest

Boreal Design Touring Paddlings - $50.00 each
Aquabound Canoe Paddles $15.00 each
Aquabound Edge WW Canoe Paddle $40.00
Werner SUP Paddles - ADVANTAGE - 3 x 80", 1 x 82", GRAND PRIXS
Werner Ikelos 2 pce. straight standard shaft 210cm
Werner Shuna Amber 2 pce. small straight shaft 205cm
Werner Shuna Orange 2 pce. small bent shaft 210cm

Seals Sprayskirts
Surf - 1.2, 1.7
Pro Rand - 1.7
Sneak - 1.7
Shocker - 1.7
Coastal Tour - 1.7
Adventurer - 1.7
Splash Deck x 2
Sea Sprite - 1.7
Inlander - 1.7

Misc and more
Map cases
Aquapac drycases for point and shoot cameras, SLR's, phones, VHF, iPads
Yak Pak - Traditional Heel and Pegpads
Canoe Thwart Bag
Eagle Creek Packing Pods

Beluga Sprayskirts, Cockpit Covers, Mesh bag, Vinyl Duffle Bag
Wave Sport WW Paddle Bag
Hennessy Hammock Ultralight Explorer (brand new)
Outdoor Blender

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin