Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update from the Henry Brothers Expedition

We were super excited to get word via email from Russell and Graham last week with an update on the Henry Brothers Expedition.  The guys are on an EPIC adventure paddling from Belém, Brazil to Florida, USA.  Check out the route map here.

"Graham and I are on the North coast of the Dominican Republic (technically out of the Caribbean) waiting for a weather window to shoot across to Turks and Caicos - the biggest crossing of the trip."

"It will be 150 kilometers of paddling with winds on our right, will take us anywhere from 24 to 30 hours, and we are aiming for an island smaller than a breadbox. Oh dear."

"to summarize the trip to date:  It's been absolutely phenomenal. Obviously the bar for good times was set pretty low after what we experienced in the isolated sections of South America... But in all reality, we couldn't have asked for better paddling, better friends, and better comradarie with fellow boatmen."

Turks and Caicos are roughly 575 miles south-east from Florida, their final destination.

We will be praying for favorable weather for the guys and continued safe travels.  I am looking forward to seeing them in the flesh when they return to Vancouver Island!!!!!  

p.s. I am not sure the guys will look like this anymore...stronger, thinner and hairier perhaps ;) 

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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
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