Thursday, February 20, 2014

Introducing the Jackson Kayak Karma RG (Rock Garden) and the Karma Unlimited

After speaking with Jackson Kayak Team Paddler and Western US Sales Rep, Sean Morley I got the 'skinny' on the new Jackson Kayak Karma RG (Rock Garden) and the Karma Unlimited.

PROTOTYPE - Photo: Bryant Burkhardt, Paddler: Jeff Laxier of LiquidFusion Kayaking in Mendocino

The Karma RG, is THE hottest ocean play boat to come to market in 2014 and we have a demo coming to the West Coast!


Length - 11'10"
Width - 25"
Height - 14.75"
Vol. - 94 gallons
Weight - 55 lbs. (prototype)
Sugg. Paddler Weight - 140-210 lbs.
Cockpit - 34.5" x 20.25"


The boat in the video is a prototype.  The final boat will have deck rigging, a rear bulkhead and hatch as well as a drop-down skeg.

Performance notes from Sean, "The performance of the hull is excellent. It is just the right balance of length and width, with enough planing surface to make it surf well (much better in my opinion, than the competition).  It is highly forgiving and maneuverable in amongst the rocks; and is fast with good tracking.  The outfitting is the same as what appears in our JK whitewater line up = it's awesome!"

If you are looking for a whitewater boat with speed and overnight tripping capacity keep the Karma Unlimited in your sights...this is also the ultimate big river "touring" boat.  Think - Grand Canyon.  Check out a video HERE.

The Karma Unlimited is coming out of the same mold as the Karma RG and it designed for you creekers and racers looking for SPEED!  It is a hybrid between our popular Karma and Zen creekers - think longer.  With the planing hull you've got an easy to control bow at high speeds, while the bow rocker keeps you dry.  The Karma Unlimited will also remind you of days gone by, enjoy a little nostalgia while you are on the river!

Unlike the Karma RG, the Karma Unlimited will not have a skeg, the stern hatch or the deck rigging.

Bottom of the prototype hull.  The Karma RG will have the skeg boxPhoto: Sean Morley

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin