Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Updates from the Field - Hurricane Kayaks

While I am not in Salt Lake City this year, first time not going since 1997/98 (due to a family commitment), it was still important to me to get you updates from our annual industry trade show, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

I could not do this without great peeps on the ground so thanks to the following folks who are in Salt Lake City:  Colin Kemp, Johno Foster, Steve Jordan, Doug Ragan and Jameson Redding

First up today, Hurricane Kayaks...we LOVE these boats.  The weight is a game-changer for a lot of people and we have had first hand experience, on the water with people experiencing it and it's awesome.

Sojourn 126 in the new purple - photo: Craig Richter
There is plenty new from Hurricane Kayaks for 2015 and here we introduce the Sojourn Series.  This exciting new day-touring line will surprise and satisfy paddlers of all levels. With moderate rocker, a hard-chined hull and deep-V keel, the Sojourn line will make you feel like a champion the minute you hit the water. High initial stability offers beginners a solid platform for learning, while the Sojourn’s multi-chined hull allows experienced paddlers to carve and edge like a dream. Thanks to their lightweight thermoform construction, not only do the Sojourns outperform polyethylene competitors, they offer beauty and functionality in a highly featured package. Integral deck lines provide stiffness and subtle aesthetics, while comfortable handles, perimeter safety lines, security bar, bow and stern bulkheads, fore and aft storage hatches, adjustable thigh braces, a cool-mesh Airestream seat system, and optional Smarttrack rudder system leave you wanting for nothing. Simply put, the Sojourn kayak line offers superb performance and seaworthiness in a package that’s hard to beat.

3 sizes:

Sojourn 126           Sojourn 135           Sojourn 146
Length: 12’ 6”        Length: 13’ 5”         Length: 14’ 6”
Width: 24 inches     Width: 24 inches     Width: 24 inches
Weight: 43 lbs         Weight: 45 lbs        Weight: 47 pounds

Available: September 2014 --- September 2014 --- November 2014

The Sojourn 126 and Sojourn 135 are en route to us right now!

Sojourn 135 in Mango photo: Craig Richter


  1. Hi Nikki,

    Have you received any Sojourns yet? If yes, have you had a chance to compare it to the Excursion?


  2. Hi there, I have now spent time in the Sojourn 126 and the 135. I think the thing that stands out for me most compared to the Excursion is "fit", I prefer the cockpit in the Sojourn as the placement of the thighbraces in the Excursion don't work for me. I like the more contemporary look of the Sojourns and although our demos did not have rudders, I thought tracking was good. Given the different types of paddling I do, I would probably order one with a rudder if it was for my personal use in winds and currents. I will ask my husband if he has anything to add to this.


Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin