Monday, August 4, 2014

Werner Paddles 2015 Line Up

I am excited that we get to break the "cone of silence" on what is new with Werner Paddles for 2015!

The focus continues to be on Stand Up Paddling (SUP), Fishing, a combination of the two AND a much anticipated configuration addition to our Canoeing lineup!

Let's start with SUP...and the new SmallFIT.

Performance starts with a great fit and 60% of our SUP customers are women.  The SmallFIT is available in our small (S) and midsize (M) blades only, in everything from our Premium Performance Carve series to the Ultimate Performance Racing Grand Prix series. Uncut, 1 pce STRAIGHT shaft only.  With the SmallFIT, the paddler is getting a smaller blade, smaller shaft and combined you have a paddling experience that has you on the water longer because the ease on your body is significant.

We are also excited to announce that all of our Ultimate Performance Racing Grand Prix paddles will have a shaft logo.  This is a paddle we are super proud of and we want folks to know it!

We are the pioneer in advanced fit options in all categories of paddling and that includes SUP.

The sport of Stand Up Fishing is growing, just ask guys like Ken Hoeve, Werner Paddles and Jackson Kayak team paddler and even our very own, kayak angler, Len Zilkowsky has given it a try.  Carve Hooked in the beautiful grey scales pattern.

Len Zilkowsky - SUP fishing on Cultus Lake, Chilliwack, BC

While it is not, as established in Western Canada as it is south of the many things, prepare yourself because it's coming to the Great White North!  Below is Werner Paddles FIRST SUP fishing paddle, the

As many of you know canoeing is particularly near and dear to our hearts here at Nikki Rekman Sales and we are stoked with this new addition - Werner Paddles has introduced the 3 piece Bandit for 2015!!!  It came about, in very large part, due to the influence of my amazing Eastern Canadian counterparts at Watershed Sales, Johno, Paul and Mark.  Thanks guys.

Like all of our whitewater paddles, you got BOMBER RELIABILITY in all of our Bandit configurations.  These include: a 1 pce and 3 pce (the two piece has been discontinued) and they are available in our Premium Performance Fiberglass and Carbon.
Perfect as your spare or if you are traveling and space is at a premium.

 There is more to share and you will be hearing about it soon.  Dealers, if you did not get a chance to attend the Werner Paddles 2015 webinar earlier today please contact me and we will set something up, one on one.

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin