Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fraser River Canoe Trip - Kid & Beginner Friendly

The "Mighty" Fraser River may be one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated waterways (by paddlers) that I can think of and it's one of my favourites VERY close to home.

The Fraser is the longest river in British Columbia, named after explorer, Simon Fraser.  The first nations name (which I actually prefer) is the Sto:lo River and it flows from, Prince George, BC through city of Vancouver, BC to the Pacific Ocean.

Teresa and Kennedy
I was first introduced to the idea of paddling on the Fraser, by my husband, Mark and in our early dating years I thought he was crazy.  The idea of paddling down this particularly river frightened me and thankfully I got over this and ventured out with him one weekend.  I am happy to report that there have been many more Fraser River trips since then and the most recent was experienced by experienced, novice and first-time paddlers, not to mention, 2 kids (7 yrs old and 3.5 yrs old).

Our youngest paddler, Owen!

A bunch of our "motley" crew
 I love the beautiful sandy beaches and the non-technical aspect of the section between Hope, BC and Chilliwack, BC.  Hazards on the river are namely wind, power boats, immersion and some bridge pilings (all pilings are completely avoidable).  This year, the anglers in our group, happily enjoyed the record sockeye run and Mark ("Englishman") got the title of successful hunter this trip!

Mark with his catch!

Janyne trying out the stern position during her 2nd trip down the Fraser
We typically do the trip in September and October as the river is running quite high during the summer months and most available campsites will be under water.  Friends and family have an open invitation to join us particularly if they can gather a few more experienced paddlers, our goal is always to have as many experienced paddlers as possible so we can share the adventure with those that would be unable to do so on their own.

Group shot (L to R): Morgan, Owen, Mark, Liz, Mark, Kennedy, Eric, Teresa and Janyne

I hope you enjoy a few photos from our recent trip.  Thanks to Janyne, Teresa, Kennedy, Eric, Mark, Liz, Morgan, Owen and my husband, Mark for sharing the adventure and the beauty of the Fraser River with me recently. 

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