Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mother-Daughter River Trip

As many of you know earlier in September we took some friends on our annual Fraser River Float Trip.  Two of the participants were a Mom and Daughter, who had never done a river adventure before.  Mom, Teresa has had a number of outdoor/camping adventures pre-kids (she's got 3 of them) and her daughter, Kennedy is 7.5 years old and was pretty much game for anything!

I thought it would be fun for them to share their perspectives on the trip, in hopes of encouraging other families to get out of their comfort zones and enjoy some paddling adventures!

Kennedy - I loved it (the Fraser River trip).  I hated waiting to get into the boat while they were packing because I loved being on the water.  I would definitely go again.  I liked the first stop - it was a really sandy island and I liked running and making foot prints in the sand.  I had the only foot print that size.  It was nice having another kid on the trip too.  His name was Owen.  I'm glad I wasn't the only kid.  The water was cold but it was really hot out.  We had campfires outside on the beach.  The moon was really bright the last evening.  It gave us light.  We roasted marshmallows that night.  And Auntie Nikki made chocolate and caramel cake.  Our canoeing buddies caught a sockeye fish.  They had it for supper that night.

Enjoying their first river trip photo:Nikki

Teresa - I was very excited about going on this paddling trip since it had been years since I had done a trip like this - prior to kids.  I was very grateful to be able to go with friends that have all the gear and experience!!  Being able to take my daughter on such a trip was an excellent opportunity that I hope we get again.  I love being outdoors and active and this trip was it!  We had amazing weather and I even got a burnt bottom lip - don't ask me how that happened since my daughter didn't get burnt and I don't remember applying sunscreen to her lips! 

Paddling on the river was very peaceful - especially in the bow - and the views were amazing!!  Taking a try at steering the boat from the stern was a great learning experience.  I can't wait to get another opportunity - though it is definitely more work!  I too, like my daughter, would get impatient while the boats were being loaded - I couldn't really help too much and was eager to get back on the river. 

Seeing Owen, the three year old on the trip, made me excited for bringing my youngest next year.  It was great seeing Kennedy love her time on the water, ask endless questions to all the adults around and enjoy exploring the new campsites each evening.  I hope she will remember this trip as well as I will.  I can't wait to have another experience like this with all of the rest of my family!'

Teresa aka Mom, trying her hand in the stern photo:Nikki

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Green River, UT
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