Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Len Zilkowsky Joins Western Canoeing and Kayaking Kayak Angler Team

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Len Zilkowsky Joins WCK Kayak Angler Team

As the unprecedented growth in the fishing kayak market continues to surpass our expectations it's all we can do here at WCK to keep up. While most of our staff here are casual anglers and avid paddlers it was evident we were going to need a real keener on hand to keep us on the cutting edge of this exciting time in the kayak fishing world.

Enter Len Zilkowsky. It's possible that there could be a kayak angler out there that's as fired up about kayak fishing as Len is, but I doubt it. Having recently been picked up by Jackson Kayaks for their Kayak Angling Team getting Len onboard was the obvious choice.

Living in Chilliwack Len is local to some of the best kayak fishing destinations in the world . . . and of course Canada's best kayak fishing store.

Len can be found paddling and fishing his way around all the local lakes and rivers in his freshly decked out Jackson Coosa and Cuda. To help promote the sport and share his adventures and tips Len has a new web site: thefishwhisperer.ca, He regularly updates it with pictures, videos and gear reviews, be sure to check it out, lots of great content.

Len will be here at the Western Canoeing and Kayaking Kayak Fishing Seminar on March 16 with one of his decked out boats.

We couldn't be more excited to have Len on the team, we're already learning lots about kayak fishing modifications and fishing tips, and we're sure you will as well.

If you see Len out on the water be sure to say "Hi" and maybe he'll even let you take his Jackson out for a spin.

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin