Thursday, May 3, 2012

Endless Adventure Gear Swap is back - this weekend!!!

This outdoor water adventure “Swap Meet” is an opportunity for you to sell your old equipment and pick up new stuff for the 2012 season.   

The event will also be awareness and fundraiser for the Borderline Boaters Paddle Club, a not for profit water-user group that has a “leave no trace” policy and promotes responsible waterway management.

Registration to sell your equipment is from now until 6pm May 4th  then the parking lot of Endless Adventure gets transformed into a “Gear Swap”, there is a $5 fee for selling your equipment with all proceeds going to the Borderline Boaters Paddle Club. “As a group, we contribute to the well being and vitality of the community via social interaction, recreation and fitness using water and fun as the common medium.”  Carl Jacks, Club President.
All people are welcome down on the weekend to ask questions and find out more about water sports.  Endless Adventure will also be announcing their spring/summer schedule and new programs for people at all levels. We are excited about May healthy living and introducing a new Kayak Fitness Program that strengthens your core and gives people the opportunity to work on their paddling technique in an enthusiastic environment.”  Andrea Miller, Endless Adventure.

Come on down Saturday May 5th and Sunday the 6th from 10-6 to Gear Swap located in the Endless Adventure Parking Lot at 1286 Hwy 6 downtown Crescent Valley  (Beside Evergreen Foods)

For more information please call 1.877.386.8181 or email

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin