Monday, May 28, 2012

Kootenay Whitewater Kayaking Festival

Kootenay Whitewater Kayaking Festival

A Whitewater weekend packed with exciting
events, prizes, concert and a LOT of paddling!

Kootenays- Borderline Boaters is stoked to be presenting this year
Kootenay Whitewater Festival from June 23th to the 24th,
hosted at Endless Adventure in Crescent Valley. 

The weekend starts off with
some meet and greet at the Endless Adventure campground and leads up to some
exciting paddling! This is an intermediate paddle fest with a variety of
clinics for all skill levels, including beginners, creeking and playboating

registration is before Thursday June 21 for a discount of $10 at Endless
Adventure, or register at Endless Adventure on Saturday June 25, $60 for the
weekend which includes lunch both days, t-shirt, prize, Party, camping. 

Saturday night is jammed packed with live music, auction for a Jackson Kayak
and an Ecuador Trip with Endless Adventure International and a ton of other
great prizes... Everyone leaves with some AWESOME on Sunday! 

Come out join the
fun and paddle your butt off.


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Green River, UT

Green River, UT
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