Wednesday, May 30, 2012

National Canoe Day - June 26th

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People and groups across Canada and around the world come together on or around June 26 every year to help celebrate canoeing and paddle sports – how will you be celebrating?
We’re asking everyone across Canada and around the world to register your participation here - let us know how you’ll be joining thousands of people around the world as they get involved!
You can check out our Events page to find groups in your area, or you can participate on your own – the only limit is your imagination! Whether your a canewbie or a paddling enthusiast, you can celebrate the wonder that is the canoe.
However you choose to participate, please register with us – whether large or small,
How will you participate?
  • Go for a paddle
  • Make a canoe craft with your family, school, or group  (click here to download our free Mini Canoe PDFs)
  • Organize a canoeing event (and register it with us!)
  • Paddle to work
  • Portage down Main Street
  • Learn how to paddle
  • Participate in our ‘You and a Canoe’ photo contest 
  • Create a canoe-themed display in your shop window
  • Become a Member of the Canadian Canoe Museum
  • Plan a canoe trip
  • Teach someone how to paddle
  • Wear a canoe
  • Visit the Canadian Canoe Museum
  • Offer canoe-themed discounts in your shop
  • Visit your local canoe outfitters
  • Restore or build a canoe
  • Drink a canoe-themed beverage
  • Join your local canoe club
  • Buy your own canoe
There are hundreds of ways to celebrate – how will you?

Green River, UT

Green River, UT
Photo: Shawna Franklin